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Before moving a cherry tree, consider whether the tree needs to be.

Gainesville FL Allow five business days for inspection. We make every effort to inspect the tree as soon as possible. Once the inspection is complete, the permit application will be returned to you with the mitigation requirements for the tree removal listed.

Remove the tree and replant. Review the Gainesville Tree List. Tree transplanting earns attention and respect. Relocating a tree is not an easy task, especially when it comes to moving mature trees.

Having the right tools and tree expertise ensures the survival of your tree during the transplanting process. Your local Davey team has the tree knowledge and equipment to handle the varying factors to safely and successfully transplant a tree.

When you need a tree planting expert you can depend on Tree Transplanting Pros to connect you with the best Gainesville tree planters. Why Our Service is the Best - Request Fast Quotes - Connect With Local tree transplanting Pros.

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Apr 08, Replant the tree immediately after removing it. If possible, replant the tree the same day that you removed it from the ground. Your tree is less likely to sustain shock and reject its new climate if you put it back into the soil immediately.

Don't wait any longer than several days to Views: K. Oct 22, Before you uproot the tree, complete steps 3 and 4. Water the soil. Water 1 or 2 days before you transplant- that’ll make the process much smoother.

Dig a new home. Once you’ve picked the right place to plant, dig a hole that’s 2 or 3 times the width of the root ball and 1 or 2 inches deeper than the height of the root ball. Place your tarp near the tree. Start digging about 3 feet away from the base of the tree trunk. As you do, start figuring out just how big the rootball is and where it’s located. If it’s small enough, you may be able to dig most of it out without hurting it.

Nov 07, If you were to dig up your tree and transplant it when it’s full of leaves and fruit, you’d cut off its steady flow of water. Then, the tree would suffer from transplant shock and struggle to establish in its new home.

On the flip side, dormant trees aren’t nearly as affected by transplanting.

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