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The best pruning tools are made of tempered steel and have a sharp.

Saw from top to bottom just beyond the swollen ring of bark at the trunk.

Like all coniferous evergreens, arborvitae require very little and infrequent pruning, but can tolerate some trimming for grooming or shaping purposes. When the arborvitae is badly overgrown, you should trim it in stages to avoid cutting down to bare wood, as the.

Prune the globe arborvitae in late fall or early winter, before the candle growth develops in the spring. Use small hedge shears to cut off a few of the oldest and tallest branches, removing them at or slightly above ground level to renew the plant. Step 3 Cut back the previous year's growth about 1/4 to 1/2, encouraging a thick-growing plant. Oct 02, Step 1 - Choose the Proper Season Prune arborvitae to reduce height in the late winter, before the sap rises in the main trunk.

To thin out overgrowth, prune in mid-summer, so new growth can take hold before the tree goes dormant for winter.

Anytime you prune a tree, you can encourage new growth.

Prune down to ground level in the early spring, before flowering and treecutting.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. (formerly Thuja orientalis) The arborvitae tree is actually a very big low-maintenance shrub that can be used as a large hedge or accent.

The soft, dense foliage is a brilliant deep-green, which stands out against other greens in the yard. Naturally teardrop or globe-shaped, this plant needs no trimming to keep its symmetrical form. Dec 15, Because arborvitaes grow continuously during the growing season, you can prune them at any time through mid-summer. Topping arborvitaes, however.

If your plants are continually growing beyond the height you want where you are continually having to prune back into brown wood you may want to replace them with a more dwarf variety such as the Little Giant or Hetz Midget arborvitae. This way you can start trimming your arborvitae lightly each year before reaching its mature height.

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