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Although some bacterial infections just cause localized lesions, others can quickly ravage a whole plant.

} Mar 15, It’s normal for a fiddle leaf fig to lose a couple of leaves at the bottom but excessive leaf dropping is not normal. If your fig tree is losing leaves, evaluate all the possible causes. First, bear in mind that this tree doesn’t like change.

After buying your Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Drying Up, Shriveling, and New Leaves Falling Off Fiddle leaf figs need more water during growth periods, so make sure you’re watering the correct amount. (I know, watering can be so confusing! I find it best to take cues from your plant instead of watering on a strict schedule.)Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. To snap them off, first position your nondominant hand on the trunk to stabilize it.

Next, place your dominant hand under the leaf as close to the stem as possible. Your thumb should rest on top of the leaf’s petiole, or stem. Now, apply downward pressure with your thumb until the leaf breaks off. So there you have it: the most common causes of drooping fiddle leaf fig trees’ leaves are weak tissue, environmental changes, thirst, root shock, and chemical burn.

Now that you know what’s causing your plant’s sag, you can nurture it back to its perky self. Ficus lyrata The aptly-named fiddle leaf fig tree has extraordinary leaves shaped like violins that create a striking look in the landscape. This tree's glamorous appearance fits right in with South Florida's subtropical plant life. It's easy to grow and very showy. Tips to Revive a Dead Fiddle Leaf Fig. First, start by pruning any dead or damaged leaves and stems.

Learn more about pruning here. (And this applies to any plant. Once a leaf or growth turns brown, remove it so it doesn’t drain resources from the rest of the plant.) Then try some of my favorite tricks for bringing a plant back to life. So the simple steps to strengthen a weak or leaning Fiddle Leaf Fig trunk are: 1.

Make sure it’s getting enough light (checking the distance between new leaves may help you determine this), 2. Give fiddle leaf fig tree leaves falling off some outdoor time where it can get a breeze, 3. Wiggle the trunk if you can’t get it outside, and 4. Leave the leaves on to thicken the trunk!

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