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To remove your Quince from the container it was growing in.

} Oct 26, When provided ample space to grow, quince will not require pruning. That said, they respond well to it for shaping purposes, to reduce the size of a plant that has outgrown the space it was intended to fill, to rejuvenate an old and tired plant, to remove a stray branch that is spoiling the shape of the plant, or to remove a damaged or dead plant parts, which can and should be done any time of year. To maximize your quince floral display, prune your quince bush in late spring, just after flowering quince shrub pruning shrub has finished blooming.

Use long-handled anvil loppers, as they allow you to reach into the interior structure of the plant but also to hold onto the end of the stem you just cut. Nov 19, In general, flowering quince shrubs can be pruned back to about six to 12 inches above the soil.

For young shrubs, repeat this process for several years to encourage vigorous growth. Identify a few one year-old suckers. Feb 04, With flowering quince, you can prune it some when it is blooming, as its coral-colored flowers are lovely to bring inside. Remove any crossing branches, thin or weak wood and about a. Armed with thorn-proof gloves, a little remedial pruning may be required. The flowering quince can tolerate pruning up to one-third of the shrub down to within about 15 cm (6 in) off the ground.

Otherwise, little, light pruning in late spring or early summer encourages new growth and flowers for the next year. May 10, Most gardeners find flowering quince to be easy to grow and care for. It grows adequately in most soil types other than alkaline clay, and pruning is necessary only if you decide to shape the shrub. Its dense, thorny growth habit makes flowering quince a good low-maintenance option where a dense, impenetrable hedge, shrub, or border is required.

Cut the branches off at the base of the shrub with a pair of pruning shears. Quince is a dense shrub with a spreading growth habit. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom, if necessary.

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